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CMF- Foot Massage Butter

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CMF Foot Butter

Topical Solutions has the perfect feet massage butter that relaxes your muscles. Made with Shea Butter and other natural ingredients, this feet massage butter soothes your muscles with a cooling and refreshing moisturizer. The butter is great for people who experience foot and leg soreness regularly as well as people who work on their feet all day, like nurses. Energize your feet by applying the butter. It promotes blood circulation, stimulates the skin’s natural defenses and strengthens over-worked connective tissue to provide deep relief.

Diabetic Skin Care: CMF is a good choice for individuals with diabetes. Diabetics are prone to drier skin and neuropathy especially their feet. Elevated glucose levels along with high blood pressure causes the body to lose fluid and skin to become dry. Dry skin can itch, crack and lead to infections. 

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