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Topical Solutions now offers four types of foot butter, one to fit your foot care needs. 

1.  The original:  Peppermint/Cypress/Tea Tree/Kudzu: This foot massage butter soothes tired tense muscles, strengthens connective tissue, stimulates skin's natural defense mechanism, cools, deodorize and moisturize. Great for people who may experience foot and leg soreness or fatigue, especially those that stand, walk, or run for long periods of time.  FOR FEET ONLY

2.     Relaxing:   Lavender/Geranium:  Feeling stressed?  A foot or back rub with this Lavender packed cream will ease tension and promote relaxation.

3.   Warming:  Ginger/Cinnamon/Black Pepper/Clove: This creamy, spicy, and buttery cream promise to deeply moisturize, warm and comfort your body.  Excellent for feet but this moisturizing cream can be used to comfort and relax back, arm and leg muscles.  Perfect for use in the winter to moisturize and warm skin.

4.    Recover:  Eucalyptus/Lemon:  Feeling under the weather or trying to recover? A great foot and body butter that allows for deeper breathing and energizing the body.  This is a good cream to use when dealing with the symptoms of a cold or flu.  

Diabetic Skin Care: CMF is a good choice for individuals with diabetes. Diabetics are prone to drier skin and neuropathy especially their feet. Elevated glucose levels along with high blood pressure causes the body to lose fluid and skin to become dry. Dry skin can itch, crack and lead to infections. 

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