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Facial Care

Topical Solutions facial care products are made using Pure Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil and Pure Bulgarian Rose Water.  The Rose is the Queen of all flowers, it's beauty is undeniable it's fragrance is romantic and mystical. Throughout history individuals indulged in its beauty and aroma via bathing in a vessels filled with Rose Petals.  No other flower has been written about in association with love, music and aroma as the Rose. The Rose is the flower of the heart and represents true love.  

Now days there is scientific proof that the essence of  Rose Oil and Rosewater have therapeutic skin value.  Rose oil is an excellent astringent and tonic for all skin types.  Products containing "REAL" Rose Oil or Rose Water are calming to inflamed skin and valuable to maintaining skins elasticity especially mature aging skin.  Rose products are making a big comeback.  Why? Because they work.  

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