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Muscle & Joints

Essential Oils infused into carrier oils or creams can bring comfort and warmth,to joint and muscle discomfort associated with a stressful lifestyle, excercise, heavy work and injury.   Muscles and joints ache, swell and get inflammed for various reason. Essential oils can lessen the pain and aid in the healing process.  Over the years we have used the following Essential Oil formulas to help with the pain of arthritis, gout, bursitis and other injuries using the following formulas.

Formula 315...Enhances immune function.  Used for swelling and inflammation.

Antispasmodic:  Rids the body of lactic acid.  Used for Gout, muscle spasms, cramps

Shea Rescue Balm:  Brings comfort to aching muscles and joint.  Excellent chest rub for colds/flu

Muscle Butter:  Warms stiff cold joints, ease muscle and joint discomfort.  (a bit warm) 



Formula 315


Muscle Butter


Kudzu Shea Rescue Balm

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Thyroid Support Oil 4oz

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LG-40 2oz


LG-40 4oz


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