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BLOOMFIELD, N.J., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Topical Solutions, a Bloomfield, NJ company that specializes in natural skin care products, developed a new line of products that turns Kudzu (kud-zoo), an aggressive fast-growing vine that's strangling the South, into a moisturizing cream. They have taken Kudzu and blended it with rich vegetable oils, butters and botanicals to make Alabama Kudzu Skin Repair Moisturizing Cream. The formula came from an old family recipe that is well over 75 years old. Back then, it was used as a balm to treat all types of skin ailments especially skin eruptions, burns, bites, rashes, and scars. Today's cream is basically used for the same reasons but is finding new interests from psoriasis and eczema suffers along with cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. 

Fresh cut vines are flown in overnight from Fayette, Alabama. The leaves and stems are washed, chopped, and then transformed into Kudzu Skin Repair Moisturizing Cream, Kudzu Vine Soap, Kudzu Undereye Gel, and Kudzu Hand & Body Lotion. In the near future, the Kudzu product line will be extended to include shampoo, lip balm, body butter, fragrant body spray and sweet-smelling candles. 

Kudzu is native to China and Japan, but was introduced into the United States in an 1880 World's Fair via the Japanese exhibit. Its scent attracted American gardeners who used it for shade and ornamentation. Farmers discovered livestock could eat it and planted it for forage. It was in the 1930s and 1940s the Soil Conservation Service saw the vine as a way to stem soil erosion. The vine really took hold during the Depression when the Civilian Conservation Corp. hired laborers to plant more than 85 million seedling all over the South. Without any natural enemies, combined with the southern climate allowed the vine to flourish. The vine can grow a foot overnight and have roots weighing from 200-300 pounds. It took over fields, strangling native plants, swallowed up abandon houses, barns, utility poles and anything else in its way. 

In 1970 Kudzu was declared a common weed by the United States Department of Agriculture. In Topical Solutions hands this despised common weed is now being transformed into life-enhancing skin care products.  

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